The Puma was donated to the Durango Botanical Society-DBS from Matt and Janet Kenna.  They are the owners of “For the Birds” and the Puma resided at their retail location (which they no longer occupy).
They wanted the Puma to be incorporated into the Durango Botanical Society’s Library Demonstration Garden, located on the river trail behind the Durango Public Library.
The Demonstration Garden is home to the Thomas Grams Memorial which was created by Miki Harder, a Durango local artist and the same artist who designed this particular Puma.
(Thomas Grams was a local dentist who joined the International Assistance Mission, providing dental care in remote places such as Guatemala and Afghanistan.  He was murdered in Afghanistan in August of 2010).
The Puma is now the property of DBS but still needs to meet the city criteria for art placement (this is for a concrete pad to be placed in the garden).
DBS, along with PRVB, would like to raise funds to install the concrete pad (New Litter Box).  (Estimated at $5K)
Beginning Friday, September 12th The Durango Botanical Society along with Pine River Valley Bank will be hosting a Bake & Bulb Sale at the Durango Branch of PRVB every
Friday through the 26th.
Come on out and show your support by purchasing your garden bulbs and fresh baked goodies for this great cause.